It is frustrating when the speed of your internet connection suddenly drops – especially for business owners. The frustration escalates even more when employees complain they can’t complete tasks; sales can’t go through, information can’t be sourced for and projects can’t be completed.

In any office, you can identify at least two devices on an employee’s desk that likely require an Internet connection in order for employees to complete their daily tasks. These devices directly affect employees’ level of productivity and care they can provide to a customer, and thus begins the need for a constant data connection. Accessing files through a cloud service like SharePoint, reviewing emails, or using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software application are just some items that would require an employee’s device to need a constant & stable internet connection.
CloudCover offers the perfect solution to constant connectivity!!

The CloudCover CC1 MiFi device makes use of virtual sim technology to give users seamless and constant internet connectivity across 7 network providers in Nigeria, by switching to the strongest network with the highest bandwidth available within a location every time quality drops, doing away with the need to switch between multiple sims and MiFi devices. The device also has a long-lasting battery life that keeps you surfing even in transit, while also serving as a power bank for your phone so you don’t miss out on anything important.

What’s more? All these cool benefits are not restricted to Nigeria only. Can you imagine “roaming” without paying exorbitant prices or not needing a new sim whenever you’re on an international business trip? Yes, Cloud Cover makes it possible!

CloudCover partners with multiple international service providers in over 100 countries, including the USA, UK, and Dubai, enabling you to browse at local rates in the countries and cities you visit.

The CloudCover CC1 MiFi is reliable and durable! Visit to get yours and start enjoying constant connectivity.

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