One of the biggest trends in the tech industry currently is artificial intelligence (AI) focused smartphones. So far, the AI features on these phones have been mostly centred around photography, user behaviour, security, and efficiency. Many smartphone manufacturers are gradually shifting to designing special AI-focused hardware and software in their newer models, and Samsung has not been any different.

Bixby 2.0

In 2017, Samsung introduced its own intelligent virtual assistant ––  Bixby ––  along with its release of the Samsung S8 and S8+. According to Samsung, Bixby “learns what you like to do and works with your favourite apps and services to help you get more done.” The Galaxy Note 9 featured the release of the new Bixby, popularly called Bixby 2.0, which is based on powerful AI that will improve your experience using the phone.

One of the main features of Bixby 2.0 is its enhanced third-party app integrations. It has partnered with other apps like google maps to allow you to perform multiple tasks without needing to open up the apps separately.

This means you can call an uber using just a voice command, pull up directions from google maps with just one click, reserve tables at a restaurant and it will fill in reservation details based on your history without you opening the apps directly.

What makes Bixby even cooler is how easy it makes life for you. It intelligently learns what you like over time and makes recommendations to you based on your previous preferences/activity. For instance, if you ask Bixby which restaurants you can eat at, it will recommend restaurants based on where you’ve eaten before and other information stored about you.

AI Camera

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 also comes with a new and improved artificial intelligence camera. Say goodbye to having bad quality pictures because this phone has what they call a Dual Aperture lens. According to Samsung, it “intelligently adapts to the surrounding light like the human eye” to give clearer pictures no matter what.

It also has a scene optimizer feature that intelligently detects what the object is in a picture you’ve taken and then chooses from twenty different modes like food, flowers, etc and automatically enhances the images in terms of brightness, saturation, and many other things. It also shows you relevant information on the objects in the pictures you took.

For example, if you took a picture of a particular handbag, it can show you the name and make of the bag and where to find that same handbag online for sale. Pretty cool right?

Lastly, the AI camera has a flaw detection feature that notifies you immediately if the picture you took was blurry, if someone in the picture blinked, if the camera lens is dirty, or if the picture was too backlit. If you’re tired of using cliche captions like ‘Low quality

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